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  1. How to order a crochet bikini.
  2. How we take the measurements.
  3. Terms & Shipping.
  4. Sending money, payment options and deposits.
  5. Refund policy on deposits.
  6. Proper Care of Crochet Garments.
  7. Wear & Tear.
  8. Our satisfaction guarantee.

      9.  Return policy, liability, and privacy information.












Thanks for your interest in Hawaiian Delights Crochet Bikinis wearable art. I am glad that you enjoyed viewing my web site.






Since all of Hawaiian Delights crochet garments are made personally, it is important for me to get to know my customers and to understand their ideas and wishes.






RE:      How to order a crochet bikini?



Re: Stock Size Order ( XS, S, M, L ), to order simply answer these questions:






What are your measurements?



How tall are you?  



What size bra do you wear?



Are your breasts natural or augmented?



What size bikini top and bottom do you wear?



What crochet styles are you interested in?



What is the address that you want the bikini shipped to?



How do you want to pay?






Re: Custom order



Am I able to make a custom-made crochet garment that fits perfectly without any fittings?  Yes! I have eight years of experience doing crochet custom order. Once we establish when I am going to crochet the bikini, we can discuss any color design changes that you want to make at that time.









RE:      How do we take the measurements?



Email a jpeg of a photo of your torso, with a scant clothing if possible so that I may observe your body type (you can erase your face if you prefer, it isn't necessary to see it). Please include your height and measurements.






OR, we set up a telephone appointment and I guide you through approximately five measurements. If I take your measurements with you over the phone, you will need to have a measuring tape. This is the safest way since I must guide you.






RE:      Terms:



1/2 deposit upfront, the balance + cost of shipping & $5 handling fee, before shipping to your mailing address. Choose FedEx, UPS or US postal.












RE:      Shipping:



All our prices are in US$, shipping and insurance is not included.






I charge a $5 handling fee plus shipping cost. Shipping charges are based on the destination address & range from $10 (domestic) to $65 (international).  What is the address where you want the bikini shipped?






RE:      Sending money, payment options and deposits:



Hawaiian Delights offers several ways of sending payment. Visa & MasterCard accepted. You can mail me a certified check or money order; I also accept personal checks drawn from a US bank (only use if there is enough time to let your check clear).






Mail a bank check, certified check or money order to:









Hawaiian Delights



Workspace Limited



2150 Folsom St. Apt. 7A



San Francisco, CA 94110






Before I start making your crochet bikini, I request a 50% deposit. You can also send me your 50% remaining balance at any time by using PayPal, during and while I am working on your crochet bikini. Ask me for details.






Your bikini will be completed in 2-4 weeks. Once the bikini is ready to ship, I will request the remaining balance in full. Practically speaking, it is advisable to send off your remaining deposit during the time I am working on your crochet bikini, so it will arrive in time and I can send your bikini without having to wait for your balance. I will not send any crochet garments without having received the full balance.






RE:      Proper Care of Crochet Garments:



Cold water hand wash & drip dry.






RE:      Wear & Tear:



These crochet garments will not stretch out of shape, become heavy while wet, sag or bag, and will dry quickly. You can wear them swimming, surfing, water skiing, or for any other water sport!






I use the finest quality lightweight DMC 100% cotton thread that is spun twisted tightly. All crochet garments are pre-shrunk & blocked before delivery to my customer.






Personally, if I buy something I really like, I want it to last. When I crochet swimsuits for my customers, I keep this thought in mind. My suits are light & durable.






The type of care makes a difference:



Sun bathing only vs. windsurfing; salt water vs. fresh water vs. chlorinated water; & type of care given to maintaining the crochet.






Whether the suit is rinsed out quickly after a day of wear in salty or chlorinated water, whether it is washed in cold vs. hot water, whether it goes through a dryer or is line dried makes a difference.






RE:      Your satisfaction guaranteed:



We guarantee the fit and quality of our crochet bikinis and if for any reason you are dissatisfied you may send the bikini back at our expense and we will either make alterations, or make you a new one. Around 95% of our crochet bikinis fit perfectly. It is very unlikely that there will be a problem but in that case please contact me immediately and we will discuss the procedure with you.






RE:      Refund policy on deposits:



A full refund will be given if you if you are unsatisfied with the crochet bikini if you return the bikini within 10 days.






RE:      Liability and privacy information:



Hawaiian Delights will only be liable for the cost of the crochet garment ordered. Hawaiian Delights does not share any information about our customers with other companies or individuals. All patterns are original & the exclusive property of Hawaiian Delights.






If you would like further information or would like to place an order, please phone me, (415) 229-7113, California.






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